Client/Spectator FAQ

How do I get tickets for the show?

You can purchase them online. There will also be ticket booths outside the event door. Cash or card are accepted.

Do I have to be vaccinated or wear a mask to attend?

No, there are no "mandates” of any kind in the state of Idaho. Please be mindful of others, wash your hands and if you are feeling ill or have been exposed to someone that is sick stay home or take a test to insure the safety of others.

How do I get tattooed at the show?

You can walk into the show and select an artist that fits the style you are looking for. Availability for walk up tattoos varies from artist to artist.

Do I need an appointment to get tattooed?

No appointment is needed depending on the artist/s and their availability. Each artist handles their own appointments and schedule (NOT THE SHOW).

Can I make an appointment to get a tattoo?

Appointments vary from artist to artist not all artists take appointments at the conventions. For appointment info contact the artist directly using the provided links on the page or our Instagram page . From there they should be able to assist you.

How old do you have to be to get a tattoo?

You must be at least 18 years and above with proper identification. Ex: Driver license, passport, etc.

Does the money spent for my ticket(s) go towards my tattoo?

No, the ticket purchases do not go towards the price of your tattoo.

How can I see who is going to the show and what type of art they do?

You can look at the artists list on here and use the provided links. Or you can follow our Instagram page and go through the attending artists, click their name and shuffle through their online portfolios to see who best suits the style you’re inquiring about.

How do I get to the show?

Please click the INFO icon in the tab bar. From there you will see the address ,directions and parking info.

Artist/Vendor FAQ

How do I book a booth?

Go to the tab “BOOTH” fill out the application and wait for a response. If you haven’t received anything within 48 hours check your spam or give us a call (208) 290-6617.

What comes in the booth package?

Each Booth purchase includes: 3 “vip” wristbands, two artist badges, two tables 1- 6’x 2’ with black table cloth and 1- 6’ x 18’’ with a plastic table cloth, electricity access, 4 chairs, 1 sharps container, two garbage boxes with trash liners, 1 gallon distilled water, 2 paper towel rolls , a artist/vendor secured wifi for transactions, as well as a public wifi for stereo, tablet etc.

How do I pay for the booth/s?

Once you receive the application fill it out and send it back to . From there you will receive an invoice for the deposit of half the amount. If you’d like to pay in full please specify on the application and we can send you an invoice for the whole amount.

Do I have to be licensed or have my blood bourne pathogens?

Although there is no requirements like that in the state of Idaho we strongly encourage that you have one present.

Will my info and picture be on the web page?

Yes, we will add the info provided on the applications along with a picture from your social media. If you have a specific picture you’d like to use please send it along with your booth or shop info and we can get that up for you.

Where do I check in and unload my equipment?

A few weeks prior to the show as well as a few days prior you will be receiving detailed instructions of where you check in, park and unload. If you do not receive the email check your spam folder or feel free to give us a call and we can help you out (208) 290-6617.

Can I request to be placed next to another booth?

Yes, when you send in the application please send a note along with it specifying who you’d like to be next to and we will do our best to accommodate the request.

Is there a hotel that is working with the show?

Yes, we have discounted rates with a hotel not far from the venue. Please click the Event Info tab and follow the link under the hotel photo and book online or call and mention Gem State Tattoo Convention for your discounted room.

*** WARNING: the hotel will NOT call you with discounted rooms. If you receive any call from a “hotel” we advise you not to give any sensitive info out.

Is it ok to leave my stuff at the show overnight?

Yes, the venue will be fully locked up at the end of each night with security doing its rounds. We still do advise you to cover your tables and or take things you don’t want left behind.

GSTC will NOT be liable for any lost or stolen property.

Do I have to wear a mask and or be vaccinated?

No, there are no "mandates” of any kind in the state of Idaho. Please be mindful of others, wash your hands and if you are feeling ill or have been exposed to someone that is sick stay home or take a test to insure the safety of others.

How do I enter my tattoo for the tattoo competition?

A table will be set up near the stage where you can pick your category and sign up.

Am I limited to how many I can enter per category?

Yes, the limit is 5 per category. Why?...the competitions are designed to compete with others not just yourself or your shop.

How much is it to enter the tattoo compititions?

The price per tattoo entry is $10 each.

Ex: if you enter 5 tattoos whether same category or separate it would be $50

Is there a cut off time to enter a the tattoo compitition?

Yes, the cut off time will be 15 minutes prior to the start of the competition.

Does best of day and best of show tattoo have to be done at the show?

Yes, if you are entering either of these two categories the tattoo must be started and completed at the show.

Are fresh tattoos allowed to be entered into the tattoo compitions?

Yes, fresh tattoos can only enter tattoo of the day and best of show on Sunday. Entering a fresh tattoo in any other category will lead to a disqualification in that category.

How can we get ahold of you if we need to?

You can email us at or call us at (208) 290-6617

  • GSTC
  • PO BOX 59
  • Sandpoint, ID 83864